Scrap Metal Wanted - AAA Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling – Top Prices Paid!

Bring your unwanted scrap metal into AAA Recycling and turn it into cash! Top prices paid for:

  • *Motor Cars, Engines, Batteries & Wheels
  • Whitegoods: Fridges, Cookers, Washing Machines
  • Brass, Copper, Steel, Iron & Aluminium

We have a licensed weighbridge so you’re guaranteed the correct price.

*Please ensure engines are drained of oils and other fluids.

Steel is the world’s most recycled material, and can be continuously recycled, without any reduction in the quality of the end product, preserving precious resources for our future generations. Steel made from recycled material uses 75% less energy than steel produced from the raw materials, also saving on harmful greenhouse emissions. Every tonne of recycled steel saves 1131kg of iron ore, 633kg of coal and 54kg of limestone, so it pays to recycle.

If you’re looking for scrap metal recycling in the Burton / Salisbury area of Adelaide’s Northern Suburbs please call: (08) 8280 6350.

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